Annual Fund 2012

Providing for the ongoing operations of Hillside House, supporting the health, well-being, care and life-enrichment of our residents.

Every human life is valuable. Every human being deserves to live a good life. Each one has unique gifts to offer. 
Hillside House provides a loving home and therapeutic learning community for 59 remarkable people, who live with developmental disabilities. We provide 24-hour nursing care, 3 nutritious meals per day, a safe and adaptive living and learning environment, medical care, clothing, transportation, a wide range of therapies including physical, speech and occupational therapies, and a host of educational and life-enrichment activities, so that each of our residents can live a rewarding life.
The people who live and learn at Hillside House are exceptional people. They live with extraordinary challenges and they also offer extraordinary gifts to those who meet them. They are profound teachers of love, generosity, patience, perseverance, and much more.
The people who make Hillside House their home and their community need help to live. They need a caring community to survive.  And we are here for them, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, providing them all they need to live a meaningful life. We help them reach for their dreams and follow their passions. We help them discover their abilities and express themselves. We help them get out in the world and have new experiences. And they help us. They create an extraordinary environment of love and appreciation.
To provide the care that we offer our residents, we must reach out to our extended community for support. The cost of the care we provide exceeds what we receive from state payments by about $1,500 a day. Due to recent Medi-Cal funding cuts, we now depend on the compassion and generosity of others for over 14% of our day-to-day operating costs.
Your generous support helps to create a thriving campus where our residents can live well, learn and grow. Your gift makes meaningful lives.
Your gift to Hillside House:
~ Provides for the many therapeutic and educational programs and health services that make Hillside House a unique, loving home and learning environment for our residents.
~ Supports enrichment activities in the arts, cooking, gardening, sports and more. 
~ Contributes to individualized nutrition, exercise and skills development programs that track each resident's personal goals, needs and development. 
~ Makes possible life-saving and life-enhancing, medical, dental and psychological services that are not covered by the state, so our residents can be healthy and well. 
Join us in our vision of a world in which every life is cherished by making a donation today!
You can choose which fund you would most like to support or let us decide. Either way, from all of us at Hillside House, we thank you for your kindness.
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